Saturday, 24 August 2013

Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering - Day 1 - Saturday

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

Time doesn't really permit a full write up of the event, or at least not yet.

For thetime being, here is a collection of pictures from the first day.

General view from balcony of Samuel Barlow
Front end variety



"Lynx" & "Ibex" (Two different "Lynxs" were present).

The less often reproduced form of Fellows Morton & Clayton colours.

"Renfrew", "Chertsey" & (part of) "Whitby"

"Blossom" on his boat "Darley", "Whitby" to the left.

"White Heather"

Mostly "Grand Union" boats at this end of the marina.
"Sextans" - Like "Sickle" a "Middle Northwich", and once an ice-breaker.


"Birmingham", now under restoration by enthusiastic new owners.
"Sickle" & "Minnow"

"Sickle" & "Dove"

"Sickle" and Narrow Boat Trust's "Nuneaton"

"Sickle" & "Ibex" (Matt steering "Ibex" formerly owned "Sickle")
"Python" in the only parade she made it to.

A leak was finally pinpointed in "Python" the morning after this photo.

Some of our friends spectating - the women seem the happier!

Winding competition judge - I got only a "5" this day - I wasn't THAT bad!

"Cassiopeia" winding outside the Barlow

"Sickle", "Dove", "Nutfield" & "Raymond"
"Ibex" in the very capable hands of "Sickl's" former owner, Matt.

Parading at Alvecote
Miles: 1.5 (Sickle), Locks: 0

Total Miles: 338.5, Locks: 192

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