Monday, 22 December 2014

The "South East Visitor Moorings" changes made at Stoke Bruerne in 2013.

More food for thought here, CRT.

Whilst preparing to "mothball" the "Sickle and Chalice" blog, to replace it with a new "Sickle and Flamingo" blog, I found the following yet to be moderated comments from one of those people Stoke Bruerne relies on for its popularity.

I'll just repost it here, as Bob has written it, but it sounds like a cry from the heart to me.

From: Bob Nightingale Blacksmith at the Tug Store, Stoke Bruerne.

The canal is dead at Stoke Bruerne. There are few visitors as there are so few boats - even the ducks are leaving. My business is down 50% due to lack of passing trade. If this situation is not remedied within the next 6 months I will not be here as the savings that I am currently using to survive shall have evaporated.

I wish CRT could see the short-sightedness of some of the actions they have taken, but some of us still find ourselves constantly challenging, in a bid to avoid "more of the same".

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