Sunday, 20 May 2018

The final leg

(With both boats - posted by Alan)
(Post is for Friday 18th May)

Home Park lock.
With more than enough time to arrive on time now, even if we met a lot of congestion, there was no need to rush today.  Probably just as well, because eventually we did catch up several boats that dictated that none of us could go any faster than the slowest of them.  These included one of the wide beam charity boats from Nash Mills that always have a presence at the festival, and never go very fast, followed by Phil with the local fuel boats Hyperion & Hyades.

David in charge of Sickle again
Nothing else to report, really, other than that our moorings were on the inside on the tow-path at the Festival site, but boats that were meant to surround us were already tied up three deep.  It didn't appear to me to be rocket science to me to get our boats on the inside, with other boats on the outside of us.  However we seemed to end up with more plans than people actually present, and nobody seemed at any point to know which one we were following, or to impart that information to me, steerer on our breasted boats.

Another one nearly done
Eventually our friend Mike, who was officiating, arrived, and came up with yet another plan, (which was also not communicated to me!).  We got there eventually, but I jokingly said we had used up nearly as much fuel since arrival at Rickmansworth as we had up to then used on the sixty plus miles to get here.  OK, an exaggeration, but you should get my point!

Probably one of the most photographed boats on this stretch!
Thereafter we met up with friends, and even managed to play some music on the tug deck of "Sickle", which was once again serving as "Flamingo's" patio area.

Waiting at Widewater as the coal boats enter the lock.

Lovely to see boats here still worked as a pair.

I seldom see it from this angle, and am surprised how long it is when I do.

Arriving at the Festival site, with most "historics" already here.

Kings Langley to Batchworth (Rickmansworth)
Miles per boat: 7.0, Miles both boats: 14.0, Locks: 13
Total Trip Miles: 128.5, Locks: 69

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