Thursday, 9 June 2011

Stoke Bruerne Gala - Historic Boats Preview

The boats are starting to gather at Stoke Bruerne for this weekend's Gala event.

Here is a taster.

(Would now be a useful time to remind people that if you click on any image in the blog, you should then be shown an enlarged version of it?).

"Small Woolwich" butty Cygnus - Currently offered for sale.

"Large Northwich" motor Stanton - a stunning restoration.

Narrow Boat Trust boats - "Large Northwich" motor Nuneaton and "Large Woolwich" butty Brighton - their presentation has been much improved recently.

Converted "Small Woolwich" motor Planet, with Station Boat Gilbert.

Our boat, "Middle Northwich" Sickle, (well some of it!).

"Royalty" motor Victoria with a bit of a load on.

Shortened "Large Northwich" Purton.

Chesterfield Canal Society's boat - Shortened ex Fellows Morton & Clayton (FMC) Python.

Dudley Canal Trust's "Small Northwich" motor Sagitta.

South Midland's ex-FMC Emu.

South Midland's ex-FMC Clover and Fazeley.

Mikron Theatre Company's touring boat, "Large Northwich" Tyseley.

Erewash "Small Northwich" Cyprus.

"Small Woolwich" motor Corona - It's owner was telling me he has had it since 1968.  It has had a stunning recent repaint, and has a good load of coal on.

Midlands and Coast Jubilee.


  1. Say hello to Trevor on Corona, and all the South Midlands boats please Alan
    ps check the spelling on "Saggita" :)

  2. Nice pics Alan thanks for comments re the NBT pair.
    I may well be talking to you before you read this as I am coming to Stoke later today


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