Friday, 12 August 2011

Steady Progress - Lots of Miles - Only Sporadic Locks

(Boat Chalice - posted by Alan)

Surreal sight of shrink wrapped loos at the Armitage Shanks factory.

Someone on Canal World Discussion Forums has been forcefully expressing their view that boating blogs are interminably boring.  Whilst the obvious response to that is "if you find it so boring, simply don't read it!", it is of course true that just recording a days happenings isn't going to be of the greatest interest to the public at large, if nothing out of the ordinary actually happened.

Artmitage "Tunnel" has long since been opened out.

That said, we have a family member who rings us to check we are OK if blog updates don't happen regularly, so even on "nothing much happened" days, the blog still serve a purpose for us.


Someone should walk ahead to stop boats entering the other end, as you can't pass.

Single parent (?) at our overnight mooring

But this was a "nothing much happened day", and apart from a few delays around Fradley Junction, when boats were queuing for the locks we just made very good progress, exceeding expectations.

Fabulous floral display while walking to the pub.

Hopwas to Weston on Trent
Miles: 24.4, Locks: 7

Total Miles: 125.9, Total Locks: 60


  1. I have a photo from 2006 of the same house at Salt. Good to see they're keeping up appearances! How did you find the Holly Bush?

  2. I can't help with Salt, or the Holly Bush, I'm afraid, because I have never stopped at Salt, or visited that pub.

    The house with the flowers is at Weston on Trent, and I think the pub just beyond it is probably the Woolpack.

    The Woolpack did a fine pint, and improved when the 12 chaps dressed in sailors hats decided to re-board their hire boat and carry on their stag do cruise towards Stone! We passed it the next day with the front deck strewn with empty tins and bottles.....

  3. No, they are not interminably boring! Sometimes they may not be of interest to you but often contain interesting stuff that you probably wouldn't find anywhere else. And as you say family (and often friends) want to know you are still alive :-). Not only that we have met a number of bloggers who have become good friends.
    Keep it up - we will!
    Kath (nb Herbie)


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