Thursday, 15 December 2011

Alan Is Standing For A "Boater" place on the Canal and River Trust Council

Most British waterways boat licence holders will by now have received a letter entitled "Would you like to get involved with the Canal & River Trust".  It is calling for candidates to stand for election, (in what will be just 7 elected positions out of a total of 35 positions in total), on the Council for the new Canal & River Trust.  (I still want to abbreviate it CART, but CRT seems to be winning the day).  Of those just 4 positions are for private boat owners, and I suspect many boating organisations and clubs will be trying hard to promote their preferred candidates for these roles - why wouldn't they ?!?.

But each boat owner with a BW licence will get the chance to cast a vote in an election where they may be able to ensure that people with a real commitment to boating generally get elected, rather than those with perhaps a much more  specific agenda.

I have been persuaded by quite a number of people to put myself up as a candidate, and as I feel I'm ready for a new challenge, am very happy to do so.

You are allowed by the process to make an "Election Statement" that will be very strictly enforced as limited to 150 words only.  I can understand the logic for this, but it is a considerable challenge in only a few sentences to try and state your reasons for wanting to take on the role, and the experience and qualities that might make a complete stranger wish to vote for you above other comers.

Anyway, I'm standing, and here are my 150 words.

Just four elected council positions must represent the disparate needs of all boaters.  I am independent, love boats and boating, and am already well networked with many boaters countrywide.  My first boats were forty years ago, and I now boat at every opportunity, covering large distances and regularly attend boating events. 
Although deeply protective of the history and heritage of the waterways, I am fully realistic that people own boats for many reasons, often with very different ideas of what is important.  Categorising boaters into particular groupings is unhelpful and divisive, and I would aim to fairly represent everybody whatever their reasons for boat ownership.
In my role within a large multinational I was particularly recognised as someone able to broker the best solutions to complex problems that had eluded others.   Early retirement allows me to commit the necessary time, and to be easily contacted by those I represent.


  1. To get a good idea of Alan's views you could always look on the canal world discussion forum then i am sure you would want to vote for him as he has the canals best interests at heart.

  2. Alan replied to me via just canals forum when I put out a call for private boaters candidates to make themselves more accessible. That in turn got hm some exposure on twitter. Like what I have read, think my vote may go with Alan. Twitter@nbcornish

  3. Just to add that I have been prompted to go on Twitter myself now! Twitter@AlanFincher


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