Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Banter Breakfast at Calf Heath

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

Some banters have become quite famous for the breakfast events that take place, usually before all but the most hard core "banterers" start to make their departure.  (Well, being totally accurate, the really "hard core" banterers don't necessarily make it to breakfast....).  We have been to big breakfasts when "bantering" by hotel, not by boat, but had yet to experience one of the big DIY events.

The Marina at Calf Heath had been unable to lay breakfast on for us, but agreed that we could use it's facilities to host it.  So instead the facilities of the many boats on site were used to cook up massive amounts of food, which were then shipped along the tow-path - even Sickle's tiny cabin range providing some of the "veggie" option.

The pictures seem to have come out a bit random, but here are a selection....

Mrs & Mr "Paddy R", "Smudge" & "Mike31"

"DaveL" & "Purple Faerie"

"Postcode" & "Dr Bradley"

The general chaos

Mrs & Mr "Chris B" (aka "Baldock") plus "Evil Edna" and partner

Me with "Paddy R"

"Bazza", "Mike31", "Matty", "Chris B" & "Cheshire Rose"

Well, yes......

Myself, "RLWP" & "Bazza"

Breakfast generally

"Lemontoes" & "Mike31"

"Postcode", "Dr Bradley" & "Chris B" (the boater formely known as "Baldock")

"Mrs Chris B" & "Mrs Strads"

"DaveL" & "RLWP"

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