Sunday, 26 August 2012

Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering - Day 2 - Sunday

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

In the interests of getting something published, I'll start with a "pictures only" version of Sunday too.

Keeping an eye on what's going on.
Chimneys, cans and other paraphernalia.
A nice touch
Sickle & Tycho
Laplander steams off to start the daily parade.
Sickle was second today - Reginald prepares to follow us.
This is what Josher bows really look like - modern "replica" builders please look again!
Certainly an impressive line up.
Getting ready to leave the marina.
View back towards Samuel Barlow - Reginald now following.
Following Laplander
Dodona - a tug conversion of a butty - the back end also exists as another Dodona.
Tench-  Matt and Rebecca have their new daughter with a suitably adorned cot!
We pause to allow Dove out of the marina.
Sean - owner of the marvellous Laplander.
Tom and Jay on Archimedes

Parading at Alvecote
Miles: 1.5, Locks:0
Total Miles: 407.0, Locks: 249 (Worked)


  1. Your second photo captures Willoughby just before, confronted by a second dog at the stern end, he fell in!

  2. Yes,

    Cath said Jim retrieved cat from marina, only to dump it dripping on your rather decent camera!

    Did it survive, (the camera, I mean - clearly the cat will have!.....)


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