Sunday, 18 November 2012

Odin is six months old

Odin our dog is six months old this week. He's been with us since he was 8 weeks old.

Our son Michael has worked hard at training Odin, and he and David have today made a new video of what Odin has learned.

40 different commands - one take, no cuts or edits. We are very proud of them.

Youtube LINK


  1. What a lovely clever dog. I enjoyed watching the video very much.
    I hope his training is almost complete though otherwise he could get to be a little podgy with all those well done treats :-))
    He deserved every one though!!


  2. Odin is very bright, and willing, but it has taken a lot of repetition to get him to where he is - so he would get podgy if he was just being given treats. The 'treats' in the video are actually no more that his normal 'dry mix' puppy dog food, and come out of his daily allowance. We also carry around puppy treats in our pockets to treat him if we want him to do something, or we call him to 'come' - that one is important, he needs to 'come' immediately. When he goes to his puppy training classes he gets small bits of tasty sausage as there are so many distractions with other dogs around - but we do keep an eye on his weight and he might get a bit less of his normal food if he's had a lot of sausage at the class. I think the limit on his training is what our son can think of to teach him!


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