Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Washing Takes Over

(Boat Chalice - posted by Cath)
Attractive wooden boat moored at Fradley
From Hopwas, through attractive scenery to Fradley Junction, where it proved as hard to find somewhere to tie up as usual. We did manage to moor beyond very end of the visitor moorings, on a poor section of bank and I bundled up the washing into a shopping bag for the long walk to the washing machines.

Unfortunately the washing facility was locked up.  In the pub we were told it was closed now, but that there was a good laundrette in Rugeley. I hadn't really intended to go into Rugeley, but we decided that we would be able to do some shopping at the big Morrisons there.

Small granary loaves - all too quickly eaten!
Through intermittent rain we set off again. I got the opportunity to do some baking, and in a brief sunny period walked Odin - although I ended up sheltering under a bridge in the rain.


Odin in the sunshine between the showers.
The laundrette turned out to be some distance from the canal, but did a reasonable job with the clothes - at least we don't have to think about using the twin tub for a few days.

Crossing the River Trent aqueduct.
We managed to get a mooring just past the aqueduct with someone moving up by a foot. I even got some melodeon practice done.

Below Hopwas to River Trent Aqueduct, Rugeley
Miles: 18.0 (Chalice), Locks: 3

Total Miles: 202.6, Locks: 71


  1. Sorry not to get change to chat today when bumping in to you at Compton lock today. Must be strange when random strange people say hello to you by name!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip!
    Cheers, Alan Jackson

  2. Nice to know that it actually gets read by some people. The original plan was to keep my Mum informed about what we are up to, and as a diary for us - we do actually go back and check things. Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope you are enjoying your boating trip. Cath


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