Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Other Historic Narrow Boat Blogs

As far as I am aware there are very few other active blogs written by owners of historic ex working narrow boats.

I'm aware of some that still exist, but where no post has been made in a long while, but will only add these to the discussion if and when they come back to life.

Our list of blogs to in the column on the right of the Sickle and Chalice blog lists the three others I'm aware of, so this post is just to draw your attention to the fact they exist.  I am particular pleased to see the new blog that has recently appeared for narrow boat "Enceladus", a boat we actually briefly considered buying, though when it was in a far less complete stage than when purchased by it's latest owner Sarah. (Yes two out of the three other blogs are written by Sarahs).

All of these blogs tend to have a different style and slant from each other, and indeed from ours

Have a look, and see what you think!




How we looked at, but didn't buy Enceladus here.

And why the other Sarah was heavily implicated in us ending up with a full length boat as well as a short one here.

(Although it was probably two days taking Chertsey down part of the Grand Union with Jim that made such an outcome inevitable - something I don't actually seem to have blogged).


  1. Any idea why Blossom no longer blogs ? They were always entertaining, I presume he still has Darley.

  2. Ha! Right, I'm going to keep well away from Chertsey then if proximity encourages fleet expansion. I'm already tempted by Belfast...

    Many thanks for the shout out - just need to keep it going now




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