Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A Short Proving Run

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)
(retrospective post for Wednesday 5th July)

Waiting for "Bushes" lock in Northchurch.
This was only  short move, but an important one!  With David's help we had completed repairs to the mechanism that operates the gear change which had caused Cath and I issues on the way into Berkhamsted.  We were now so far adrift on any original plans for this period, that taking "Sickle" up to its Northamptonshire home mooring made little sense, if we were coming back down to the Linslade Canal festival not many weeks later.  However our friend Jim's mooring was not currently in use, as his boat is having major renovations elsewhere, so we were offered the loan of his mooring until we needed to move on to Linslade, (thanks Jim!).

Entering Dudswell Bottom Lock
This short run was a vital stage in checking that our repairs were up to scratch, in anticipation that the journey on from Cow Roast had the possibility of being trouble free.  With that in mind, David and I were the crew for this trip, and we travelled with lots of tools, just in case.

The trip was completed without incident - this was a good result, of course, although only much longer runs will ultimately establish whether we might still end up with more problems.

Berkhamsted to Cow Roast
Miles: 2.6, Locks: 7

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