Monday, 4 February 2019

Slightly More Progress.

(Boat "Flamingo" - posted by Alan)

We had not expected to be back on Flamingo for a while, but with the night-time temperatures dipping lower and lower, I was getting concerned about a water system that has not been winterised.  So we decided to go up at the weekend to put some heat on, and check nothing was suffering in the extreme cold.   ll was, of course, fine, although as it was just 2 degrees inside when we got there, we spent some time inside heavily wrapped up in outdoor clothers until the stove started to make things more tolerable.

Anyway, as we were there we decided to get some more paint on the new electrical cupboard and associated shelves.  In fact we also planned to paint cupboard doors in the bathroom.  However Cath came over quite unwell once she started to paint, and I had to take over.  Because the "quality" of my painting is never much appreciated, (!), I didn't push my luck beyond the electrical cupboard, and the doors will have to wait for a next visit.

I also took some time to study the 12 volt wiring, switchgear and fuses in the engine room, as this will need some modification for the new arrangements, and I wanted to be sure I had in stock all the necessary bits and pieces I think I will need to do the job.

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