Monday, 26 May 2014

Moving into Birmingham

(Boat Chalice - posted by Cath)

Narrow boat "Firefly" leaving the basin.
We didn't set an alarm, but work fairly early to let Odin off to go and do his necessaries. We then pottered around, not doing too much for a few hours. Boats were beginning to leave, and we finally decided that enough had gone to allow us room to move out of the corner we were in.

View through Tividale aqueduct towards Netherton tunnel - lots of boats.
This was not going to be a difficult run into Birmingham, just miles, no locks - but of course, the two tunnels we had gone through the previous day - Gosty Hill and Netherton Tunnels. Then onto the main line and into Birmingham centre.

Passing through a former toll island, with Engine Arm aqueduct in the distance.
We arrived at around 2:00 pm, moored up in one of the few remaining places, near to the NIA. Birmingham moorings were very busy, lots of hire boats, lots of private boats, and, of course, the boats moving away from the BCN Challenge.

Alan and I went shopping for a while, walking down to New Street. We had some kind of plan for our son Michael to visit us the following day, but it turned out to be difficult, so we decided not to stay another day.

Narrow boat "Peacock" passes an unusually congested Birmingham.
Soon after we got back from shopping Nick on Telemachus came past, having spent some time looking for a mooring, and asked if he could 'breast up' - no problems - I don't think I've ever seen central Birmingham so full of boats.

A quiet meal on the boat, then off to bed. For us, a very quiet day.

Hawne Basin to Old Turn - Birmingham
Miles: 12.5, Locks :0

Total Miles: 189.6, Locks: 123


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