Thursday, 1 May 2014

Planning 2014 Revisited!

(Posted by Alan)

Since I published our plans for events in 2014, we have been completely scuppered for the first part of the year by "Odin's" life threatening illness, major surgery, and hospitalisation over 2 weeks.

We have already missed our first planned event, are about to miss the second, and have already concluded that even if "Odin" makes the fastest possible recovery, we also still need to sacrifice at least one of the next two, and it has to be the one involving "Sickle", as it needs Odin to be able to make large leaps in and out of the cabin.  This is clearly a non-starter for some weeks, whereas lifting him on and off of "Chalice" is relatively straightforward, if required, and should ease him back far more gently into life afloat.

So the revised, cut down list is now as follows......

Missed or can't attend.

Fri 18th – Mon 21st April – HNBC Easter Gathering – Foxton ("Sickle & "Chalice")

Sat 3rd – Mon 5th May - Historic Tug Event - Black Country Living Museum ("Sickle" inside museum, "Chalice" outside)

Sat 17th – Sun 18th May – Rickmansworth Canal Festival ("Sickle")

Still Possible, if things go well.

Sat 24th – Sun 25th May – BCNS 24 hour Marathon Challenge ("Chalice")
[Our debut for this growingly popular event - if we can still get "Chalice" there in time]

Fri 13th – Sun 15th June – Stoke Bruerne Canal Gala (at least "Sickle")

Sat 28th – Sun 29th June – Braunston Historic Boats (at least "Sickle")

Sat 26th - Sun 27th July - Audlem Festival of Transport ("Sickle" and probably "Chalice")
[Sadly this means we can't do Linslade Festival, which we have been doing in previous years]

Sat Aug 23rd - Mon Aug 25th - Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering
("Sickle" and probably "Chalice")
[Event assumed to be on this date - no announcement I can find yet)]

Sat 13th – Sun 14th Sept - Stoke Bruerne Village at Wa

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