Monday, 30 March 2015

Buy A Boat and Get a Free "Lucky Dip" of tools.....

Posted by Alan

Well it has to be faced up to!

I have reluctantly started to find out what lurks in the several inches of grease and oil ridden water that were residing below "Flamingo's" engine.

Plenty of old cans, and rags, but rather more dangerously, at least one broken bottle which had jagged ends pointing upwards.  I was rather lucky to get away with this unexpected find, as I felt around in the sludge with my bare hands.

However some rather more useful stuff has also started to surface, so here is a selection of what I have pulled from just two very small sections of the engine room bilge that I can actually reach in to....

The cross head screwdriver and the adjustable spanner came up this afternoon when I managed to drop one of my own small spanners in.

As I reached down to try and find it, I captured both of these, before I successfully found what I had actually dropped.

I wonder how much else is lurking down there, although unless engine and fuel tanks ever come out, I don't expect I'll ever find most of it.

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