Thursday, 12 March 2015

Formatting Issues With "Blogger" Exported and Imported Blog

Posted by Alan

Because you can't apparently rename a "Blogger" blog, and get a URL that reflects the new name, I decided I would be what I thought was clever, and export the former "Sickle and Chalice" blog, and then import it to create this new "Sickle and Flamingo" blog.

I had a few  teething troubles, but thought I had cracked them.

Not so, it seems!  Although all old posts including pictures seem to have come over OK, I now discover that the careful formatting that had gone into dozens of posts is screwed up.  So pictures are often not where they are meant to be, and text flows around in all sorts of odd ways.

I have no intention of going back and trying to sort it!  Just too much effort.

So if you have any residual interest in posts made before abot August or September of last year, you are probably better looking at the old "Sickle an Chalice" blog.

It is here.

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