Friday, 18 November 2016

"Flamingo's" Lister HA2 Engine Is Returned to the Boat.

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for 18th November 2016)

The repainted boat bottom can be seen in these photos.
Finally we were at the stage where Dave Ross was satisfied with the engine and gearbox, all now nicely painted up, and it was ready to put back in the boat.

Few pictures, and no videos this time, as it proved to be quite a delicate operation to get it lifted over and past various obstructions, and lowered down onto the bolt heads in the engine bed In fact it proved to be such a tight fit over these bolts that we became quite impressed it had ever come out in the first place!

We were strongly warned not to do anything that damaged Dave's paintwork!
There was now some considerable way to go before it would be up and running.  Everything needed connecting up again, and most things were being changed, including fuel pipe work, oil pressure gauge, speed wheel controls, and we had asked for completely revised gear rodding, yet to be constructed.

The previous arrangements for the speed wheel had retained the original Lister hand operated speed lever on the engine, which was highly unsatisfactory, being lumpy in operation, and refusing to hold on to the selected speed without winding off again.  We had decided to ditch this, as well as having any of the engine controls or dials or indicator lights on an engine mounted control panel.

Finally the boat was currently afloat, but with no propeller on it.  Even when this lot was all connected up, we weren't going anywhere yet!

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