Thursday, 1 December 2016

More Progress - "Flamingo" Is Refitted With a Propeller

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for 1st December 2016)

As I think previously reported, we were not able to get "Flamingo's" under-performing propeller sorted out during the time it was initially being docked.  So, despite having the propeller back quite quickly, it was necessary to wait for another slot where Brinklow Boats could dock it again, and allow it to be refitted.

The propeller has been much modified, with the "pitch", (a measure of the slant on each blade), increased from a figure estimated to be less than 16" to a new figure of 21".

We were not present for this docking, so thanks to Dave Ross for providing pictures of the prop back on the boat.

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  1. Grand job that.
    Spent a couple of weeks reading from the beginning in 2008 up to date.
    I read the chalice sickle blog with the bad layout as I didn't realise I was reading a pasted in blog and then found the link to the original much later on! All good reading on a winters evening. Perhaps you could add links to the 3 incarnations of the blog somewhere obvious for others that follow what I did. That was starting here, then going back to the earlier days.


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