Monday, 10 October 2016

Further Progress On "Flamingo's" Engine

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective Post For Monday October 10th 2016)

Dave had made a lot more progress on our engine by the time of this visit, only a week and a half after that covered in my previous post.

Sue at Marine Engine Services (West Midlands) had managed to obtain new genuine Lister pistons - having heard elsewhere about problems with Indian made copy parts I was keen to avoid that route as much as we could.  The pistons were oversized ones, but Sue had also managed to secure some re-bored barrels to suit.  The crankshaft had also been reground via Marine Engine Services (WM), and suitable bearing shells acquired that were also not Indian made parts.  It is now getting harder to source genuine parts for these engines, and I consider we have done fairly well in the circumstances

Dave was now making good progress with building up the engine.

Looking much cleaner than in previous posting

From the other end

Pistons and bores still to fit

Just about everything has been dismantled & rebuilt

From above

I'll not pretend I know what each bit is.

New oversized piston and bore

There are two of them, of course.

Cylinder heads - valves, guides and tapprts deemed to all be OK

Alongside the above Brinklow Boat Services had also been patching up the damage resulting from taking the roof off.  There was still more to do than shown in this photo, but it already has had one badly wasted edge cut away, and replaced in brand new steel.

We also had a rather spurious mushroom vent removed, and the hole welded up.

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