Friday, 30 September 2016

Progress On "Flamingo's" Engine

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective Post For Friday September 30th 2016)

Just on from a fortnight after the Lister HA2 was craned out at Brinklow Boat Services, we were back there to start to consider the issue of the absolutely foul mess of oil, grease, water and "silt".  Currently most was under an ineffective oil catchment tray, (which someone had actually wrecked the end of, so most oil was flowing out of it and under it - some odd decisions have been made by previous owners of "Flamingo"!)).

We were pleased to find Dave had made good progress on dismantling just about the whole engine, and was already trying to source the best new parts we could acquire, (which is now harder with the Lister HA series engines than it used to be).

On the whole I will not make too many detailed comments on the photos, because I'm fairly confident that if I try to, I will get plenty wrong!

The engine had already had a new front oil seal, but was not working well now

Good progress on clearing out sludge that should not have been there.

We were expecting the pistons and bores to be very worn - they were!

As were the main bearings - the crank-shaft would need regrinding.

Big end bearings were also bad, but not as bad.

Some of the more complex bits!

Not a lot more prep to do before some of it can start to be reassembled.

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