Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Flamingo's Engine Is Removed

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective Post For Tuesday 13th September)

We had not travelled to Brinklow Boat Services' yard at Stretton Under Fosse with any expectation we were about to be present as the engine was removed from Flamingo.  In fact we were at the time looking to purchase a complete spare engine, and had decided to drop in and check "Flamingo" as we travelled back from a visit to look at a couple of engines that someone had for sale.

However on arrival we found "Flamingo" moved up to the yard, with most of the roof bolts already removed, as well as anything connecting engine to roof, such as controls, or exhaust.

In fact most of the engine wiring was also disconnected, the joint to the prop shaft unbolted, and the nuts removed securing the engine to its bed.

Dave announced it would be coming out shortly with Simon's help, so clearly we were going to stay around to witness this very significant moment.

In practice the roof didn't come off without a bit of a fight.  Brackets have to be got clear of upright angles in the engine room, before it can then be edged forward, so it doesn't foul the end of the cabin handrails on the lift.

The engine also put up some resistance.  Not all the wires proved to be disconnected, so the final ones were cut through.  Then it was reluctant to come off the bolts its feet were sitting on.  They were a remarkably tight fit, and a bit of manhandling and levering was required before it swung free.

Once it was detached, it was then a fairly speedy lift to get it out of the boat.  This is a scary time, because although I am sure the studs that Lister use to attach the lifting eye are actually adequate, they don't look a lot to have half a ton of engine dangling from!

There are no pictures of the lift of the engine itself, because Cath was using the camera to video it.

That video can be found on You Tube here......

Here are some photos of the rest of the operation.......

Freeing the roof from obstructions ready to lift

Roof off - some of it proved to be body filler at one corner!

Roof off.

Getting ready for the engine

Attaching strops to the Lister HA2

We knew there would be some cleaning up to do - this is the easiest bit.

There is no evidence this has been out since it was put there in 1968.

Roof lifted back on to keep at least the worst of the weather out.

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  1. The start of the video made me jump, 'Why take the engine out while it was still running?'. Then I realised the fork lift truck must also have a Lister engine! :-)


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