Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Steel-work on Sickle - Part 2.

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for Wednesday 7th September 2016)

This was over a month since we had last visited "Sickle" in Stockton Dry Dock, although we had been getting updates from Graeme in the meantime.

Work was now entering its final phases, and it was arranged that our surveyor would also drop in before anything got painted over to satisfy himself that all necessary work had been done, and for us all to make sure we were happy with everything.

The main things still to be done at this stage was to complete the bulkhead at the forward end of the hold, (this had been deliberately left open until now to allow thorough de-rusting and painting of the locker in the bows), and then to apply the necessary anodes and blacking.

I'll just post a selection of the photos taken this day.

The complex shape of the bow meant building up the new steel from strips.

Replated section with repaired guard irons reattached

Larger replated section further forward

Extending existing over-plate on rear swim.

This view shows the most extensive areas with new plate

Additional areas we decided to do, although survey did not require it.

Repaired and reinstated ice-breaking additions, riveted to new plate.

Same on left - front bulkhead still to complete

Plating here built up in 6mm steel proved to be Graeme's biggest challenge.

Sharing the extensive dock facilities.

The boat alongside is being built from multiple BCN boat parts.

Two pieces cut out, showing hidden damage behing knees.


Some of the worst steel removed - still watertight, but thin in parts.

Here a small hole is actually present - fortunately above the waterline!


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