Sunday, 18 September 2016

Fetching "Sickle" Back To Base.

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

(Very retrospective post for Saturday 17th September and Sunday 18th September)

In the distinctive locks on the Grand Union Birmingham main line.
Finally the day we were waiting for!  Graeme had advised that "Sickle" could be collected, and other commitments made this weekend our best opportunity to move it.

No other uphill boats- we did all these locks on our own.
Graeme was himself wresting with a domestic emergency, so we arranged to meet him only briefly to collect the keys, after which we were on our own.

The Admiral Nelson, Braunston - still locking through alone.
"Sickle" remains a real pleasure to take for a trip, and we had a good weekend for it.  It is reassuring to now know that the thin patches we had before the visit to Stockton Dry dock are all repaired in brand new steel, so we no longer need to be cautious to avoid bumping them against piling or lock sides.

And still on our own in the Buckby flight of locks - the last of the trip.
Unfortunately "Sickle's" engine is also showing a tendency to smoke more than it should be, and will need attention soon, although it is nothing like as bad as "Flamingo's" had become.  That will no doubt be causing some further blog entries in the months ahead.

For now though this trip, destined to be "Sickle's" last of the year, passed off without problems, nd we thoroughly enjoyed letting the boat stretch its legs for a couple of days.

Stockton Dry Dock to High House Wharf Weedon
Miles: 19.6, Locks: 24

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