Thursday, 1 September 2016

Last "Flamingo" Trip Before Engine Is Rebuilt

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for Tues 20 Aug to Weds 1st Sep)

Atherstone locks
Well, we had a great time at Alvecote, and it still remains my favourite event of the historic narrow boating calendar.  We had taken a slightly risky decision to be there at all, in view of the issues with Flamingo's engine, but now all we had to do was to make it back to the yard of Brinklow Boat Services, where the engine was due to be removed and rebuilt.

As previously, we were definitely not rushing, as it was making much less smoke being worked at a moderate pace than if we risked working the engine hard.

Starting to make the 180 degree turn at Hawkesbury Junction
No new issues were encountered, and again things did not get noticeably worse.  We now had to wait for a diagnosis on the engine once dismantled, but there seemed to have been no further harm done by making the tip to Alvecote before we handed it over at Brinklow.

Alvecote (Coventry Canal to Stretton Arm, Brinklow, Oxford Canal)
Miles: 25.3, Locks: 12

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