Monday, 29 August 2016

Alvecote Historc Boat Gathering 2016

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for Friday 26th to Monday 29th August 2016)

This gathering is now our firm favourite of the historic boats calendar, so we were very pleased to get "Flamingo" to it again, despite her engine issues.

We had a very relaxed weekend, but didn't parade the boat, feeling it better not to risk the engine further with acts of bravado in winding competitions.  This year I didn't even feel the need to go around on somebody else's boat).

As well as the boating aspects Cath, David and I got heavily involved in the music "jam" session in the Barlow on the final night.  great fun, but not, it seems, any pictures of that).

Instead, here is just a very small selection of photos of boats on parade......

General view from balcony of the Samuel Barlow

Proper load on Josher "Clover"
Minnow and Auriga winding tied together

And separating them up.
Immaculate newly restored "Dane" - a wooden boat.

A delight to meet Janet, who actually worked "Flamingo" in 1970.
"Birmingham" - A personal favourite of mine.  ("Lindsay" to the right)

"Effingham" - good to see some boats now with young owners!

"Cassiopeia" - always immaculate.


"Nuneaton" - with Janet shown earlier on Flamingo taking a ride.

"Badger" with former and current operatives of coal boat "Alton" on board.

"Whitby" & "Hadley" - The easiest way to turn two boats on the spot.

"Clover" - There is not a lot of water on the right if a boat is this loaded.
Paul on "Whitby" makes it deliberately harder, to put on a bit more of a show.

And finally a picture by Tim Lewis that we both really like.

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