Monday, 1 August 2016

Sickle in dry dock, ready for some serious steelworking.

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for Monday 1st August 2016)

"Sickle" did not actually end up in dock quite as soon as we had at first hoped, but now we were finally at a point where things were starting to move.

Graeme, at Stockton Dry Dock, had needed to complete enough work on the other boat already in his dock that it was watertight to the point the dock could be filled, and the boat floated and moved to allow "Sickle" to share with it.  This had occurred the previous week, and "Sickle" was now in there as well.  When we visited Graeme and John had already largely stripped out the areas where work was known to be necessary.

We arranged to travel up to meet with Graeme, as well as Trevor, our surveyor, so we all understood and were in agreement about what needed doing.

Basically the pictures speak for themselves.  The bits with chalk lines all over them identify the main problem areas, and, until any extra surprises were found, these parts are were what was likely to be keeping Graeme busy for the next few weeks!

Despite appearances the actual bottom plate is already brand new in recent times.

This bulkhead is not structural but will be repaired as part of these works.
The sections marked here are badly wasted, and the plating will be replaced.

No, its not all OK - Some of this still needs the chalk marks!

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