Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Flamingo Back To Base, Once More

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Retrospective post for Tuesday 28th June)

Narrow boat "Aldgate", ("Flamingo is 80 years old as well, though!)
Because we had had to move "Sickle" up to Stockton Dry Dock on the Monday following the Braunston show, "Flamingo" could not be moved back to its home mooring until the following day.

Nelson lock, where several historic photos of "Flamingo" were taken in the 1960s.
We are most grateful to our friends Barry and Jan who were staying with us on the boats, because we had been able to leave Odin and Max with them on "Flamingo" whilst we had moved "Sickle", and they had had a great time ranging around in various fields with Barry's dog Riko, as well as several Lurchers owned by one of the local residents.

Leslie Morton, who ran Willow Wren, was a frequent customer here.
Obviously today's move back to base was another cautious move whilst we were trying to work out what to do about "Flamingo's engine issues.  At least, if we went gently, things seemed to not be getting significantly worse.  It did, however, seem progressively more likely that we would not be doing any more boating for a while, with "Sickle" about to undergo significant hull repairs, and "Flamingo" limping along producing too much smoke.

Odin (left) and Max

Top lock at Braunston, ready for the tunnel.

Braunston to High House Wharf
Miles: 10.6, Locks: 13

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