Wednesday, 8 June 2016

No New Issues, Thankfully.

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Descending Seabrook Locks
Well other than the smokey engine, our troubles now seemed to be behind us.  The alternator fix was holding up, and we had a pleasant day's boating, albeit progressing a bit slower than usual, so as to hopefully not make engine problems any worse.

We are very pleased "Chalice" is clearly still much loved.
Once again we passed our former boat "Chalice" looking very well cared for as we arrived and looked for moorings at Fenny Stratford.  On a bad day, as I struggle with some of the current issues with "Flamingo" I do wonder what we were thinking of selling a nice "modern" 20 year old boat with few reliability problems, to replace it with an 80 year old boat needing lots of work.  On a more positive day, I realise we are both so bitten with the historic boat bug, that, for the moment at least, nothing else will ever quite satisfy in the same way.  "Flamingo" will eventually be very special, but we have some way to go!

Marsworth to Fenny Stratford
Miles: 16.1, Locks: 17
Total Trip Miles: 102.5, Locks: 130

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