Thursday, 9 June 2016

Steady Progress Back North

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Nothing to report really from this fine sunny day's boating.  The alternator problem finally appears to be full fixed.  The engine is clearly not in the best of health, but fortunately, if not driven hard, the smoke problem doesn't see any worse.

At the recently renovated Wolverton Trunk Aqueduct a disused gas supply main used  to cross the valley at a lower level than the aqueduct trough, and always spoiled any photos you tried to take.  This has now been removed, so we took the opportunity to photograph the newly painted aqueduct without this ugly thing in the background.

Crossing Wolverton Trunk Aqueduct.

Shortly afterwards in the shallow Cosgrove lock.

Ascending the Stoke Bruerne lock flight.

Fenny Stratford to Stoke Bruerne Long Pound
Miles: 17.3, Locks:6
Total Trip Miles: 119.8, Locks: 136

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