Sunday, 26 June 2016

Braunston Historic Boats 2016

(Boats Sickle & Flamingo - posted by Alan)

(Very retrospective post for Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June)

We have no real idea how it occurred, but despite best laid plans the camera that was meant to have accompanied us to Braunston ended up not doing so.  It is true we still had mobile phones to hand, but even they do not seem to have got used for some impromptu pictures, so unusually we have nothing of our own to publish.

Usually a quick use of "Google" will find a few things, and here are some videos from the day

Braunston Historic Narrow Boat Rally 2016 by marcel911, (Sickle featured in opening footage).

Selected Tugs At Braunston 2016 by MrGig2010, (Sickle again, different day, inclusing againat 06:4 with friend James at the tiller).

Braunston Historic Narrow Boat Rally 2016 by EsiRuffshassen, (a much longer look - Sickle at about 13:30 from start.

There is also a very good picture of Sickle on Flickr by Jason Rodhouse, but I seem unable to embed it n this blog, even though it can be freely embedded in other things like Facebook and Twitter.  Jason, I hope you don't mind - I have used instead a downloaded copy, credited to you.  Again friend James is steering, an I'm taking a rest.

Jason Rodhouse on Flickr

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