Friday, 10 June 2016

A Very VERY Short Day's Boating

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Last lock of the flight - Museum beyond.
Had we not encountered the problems we did on the trip down to the Rickmansworth Festival, we would, of course, by now been long back on our home moorings.  However we now realised that although we could now carry on North through Stoke Bruerne, we in fact needed to be back there very soon for the Family Festival.  We therefore agreed with Kathryn, the harbour master for that event, that we could leave Flamingo on the museum moorings ready for it to move up to its allocated moorings for the event.

Two Yarwoods ("Northwich") boats together.
So today's trip was amongst our shortest ever, needing only to carry on the final two locks up the flight.  Our next boat moves would not involve "Flamingo", as "Sickle" was booked into the same event, and that would need to be worked down to Stoke Bruerne from Weedon.

Stoke Bruerne Long Pound to Stoke Bruerne "Tunnel" Pound
Miles: 0.5, Locks: 2
Total Trip Miles: 120.3, Locks: 138

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