Sunday, 21 May 2017

Rickmansworth Festival

(With both boats - posted by Alan)
Retrospective post for Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May

We had an excellent festival, but took not a single photo it seems, so I have little to share of the event.

We had not intended to involve ourselves in the tug of war, but when we were told on Sunday that this was likely to be the very last year it is held, at least in its current form, we couldn't resist joining in.

The obvious weapon of choice for the event would normally be "Sickle", but "Sickle's" newly installed engine, still warrantied by the seller, was causing us to have some doubts, so we decided not to use her, and went for "Flamingo" instead.  We didn't start the pull wonderfully, (either time!), and were fairly quickly defeated by Dave Wright on "Lupin".  Observers said he was cheating better than us, which I don't doubt for a moment, (I don't do cheating - not because I'm against it on principle - I'm simply not good enough at it!)

Someone must have taken some pictures, so if anybody has any I can use here, I'd be most grateful.

There is however a video, that shows we did a fairly good job of asphyxiating the commentators!....

Link to video - courtesy of MrGig2010

In the meantime this which turned up on Flickr, really rather amused us!

Link to photo - by Ian Wood

At Batchworth
(Only boat movement was Flamingo in Sunday's Tug of War)

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