Thursday, 4 May 2017

Finally We Are Out With Both Boats Again

(With both boats - posted by Alan)

Finally after all the engineering works of the last year or so we are in a position to take both boats on a trip together.  Flamingo now has a fully rebuilt engine, a remodelled propeller, and much improved controls.  Sickle has had a complete engine swap, actually to an older and less powerful engine, but now the same type as in Flamingo, and still more than adequate.  This will be an excellent test to see how they both perform.

We have David with us - just as well, as I dropped a very large sheet of steel on my toes a couple of days ago, and can barely walk, let alone leap across lock gates.  (I suspect I may have broken a toe, I'm not sure, but have not had it investigated, as I know they don't actually do much with them even if they are broken).

Today I steered "Flamingo", and Cath steered "Sickle", other than through the tunnel where David took over.  Both boats are performing well at the moment, and it is a pleasure not to be looking any more through a fug of exhaust fumes.

The day concluded with an excellent meal at Spice of Bruerne - we got "posh" today and ate in, rather than a take away, which we had somewhat  got into the habit of.

Sorry - no pictures today - I will try harder tomorrow.

High House Wharf to Stoke Bruerne
Miles per boat: 9.8, Miles both boat: 19.7, Locks:0
Total Trip Miles: 19.7, Locks: 0

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