Saturday, 30 June 2018

An easy day until the very last bit.

(With both boats - posted by Alan
(Very retrospective Post for Saturday 2nd June)

The rather lovely ex Stewarts and Lloyds "Gerald" passes before we set off.
Things have slipped again!  The push to get ready for the Braunston Historic Boats event, where we needed both boats present, each ready to accept guests, has meant that I failed to write up all of the previous trip.

Not a lot to say really - just a gentle plod back to base with both boats without rushing too much.

We like stopping in Stoke Bruerne, so decided to go no further than that on this day.

Not a good place for this to be if coming through that bridge with a full length boat!

Make up your mind! - Welcome or not?

About to enter Cosgrove lock.

Not recorded in the pictures is the major fight we had to get up the upper reaches of the Stoke Bruerne flight.  Levels in the "long pound" were so poor that I grounded totally with both boats abreast, then had a major fight to get David back on board, to free ourselves, and proceed with them singled out.  Even then Flamingo grounded totally when approaching the lock outside the Navigation, and it was necessary to send down several large flushes of water to get her off, which was only achieved with some difficulty.  It seems that low levels in all the major flights up here (Stoke Bruerne, Buckby and Braunston) are now accepted as the norm ny CRT.  At the worst bits, it can make working boats of the draught of "Sickle" ot "Flamingo" an order of magnitude harder than it ought to be.  A very disappointing situation, but increasingly the norm.

Great Linford to Stoke Bruerne
Miles per boat: 11.4, Miles both boats: 22.9, Locks: 8
Total Trip Miles: 237.4, Locks: 138

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