Monday, 11 June 2018

Some rather good photos.

(With both boats - posted by Alan
(Retrospective Post for Monday 14th May)

When we were boating down the Stoke Bruerne flight a few weeks ago, I was aware we were being regularly photographed. 

So I had a word with the photographer, to see if he publishes his pictures on the Internet.  He is called Geoff Murphy, he does publish his photos, and they are really rather good.

Once I had seen them, I asked Geoff if I could put some on the blog, but initially missed his reply dues to the intricacies of Flickr.  However I can now see he said this was OK, so I'm posting a selection here.

As I need them in quite low resolution on the blog, if you are interested in seeing Geoff's whole album at a higher quality, you can view it here.

As usual clicking an image in the blog should show it larger.

(All photos copyright Geoff Murphy, but used with permission)

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