Sunday, 13 July 2014

So What Had We Forgotten?

(Boat Sickle/Chalice - posted by Alan
Retrospective Post for Sunday 13th July 2014

Three months ago we thought we would never see this again - So happy!
The answer to "So what had we forgotten?" was "The laptop David uses when we are on board".  David uses a desktop at home, but I have an old laptop he uses when we go boating.  He assumed it had been left on the boat - if anybody had asked me, I knew it was at home!

Ducks at Horton Lock - They jumped in the emptying lock.
The thought of sharing a confined space for weeks with David without his own access to a dedicated computer really doesn't bear scrutiny, so he would need to go home to fetch it.  I had arrived at Cheddington station the night before, so it was easy for David to catch a train home from there.  If he came back later to Leighton Buzzard we could pick him up there.  Actually there were also a copuple of small "bonus items" he could also bring, but why Caththought we needed a kite, only she can probably explain.  Anyway we now have both the laptop David uses, and a kite!

Grove Lock - In my view the flowers are better than the pub!
Not much else to say about an uneventful day, other than we planned to stop somewhere long before we did, but with plenty of time in hand, decide to press on, and get a bit ahead of schedule.

Another picturesque pub that seldom delivers expectations.
We absolutely adore the very small amount of offside 48 hour moorings at Great Linford, but getting on them is no certainty.  For about the third time in a row we got lucky, so both Odin's evening walk, and Ctah's morning run were secured.  It's a great place to moor, although an underwater ledge means you can never fender the boat fully from rubbing about as people pass.

Total of 4 boats, one engine, one steerer, and a bit of chaos!
Below Seabrooke Bottom Lock to Great Linford
Miles: 20.6 (Chalice), 0 (Sickle), Locks: 12

Total Miles: 21.8, Locks: 15l

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