Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Big Summer Trip Is Declared As Started.

(Boat Chalice - posted by Alan)
Retrospective Post for Saturday 12th July 2014

It's a bit hard to define when this year's big trip formally started.  I suppose you could argue that as we had already taken "Sickle" North as the opening part of a plan that bit of our boating should count.

However, as there has been a lot of non-boating days between, I'll consider instead it is when we set off from "Chalice's" home mooring.

We have a reasonable plan for what we want to do, (so what can possibly go wrong!), and this required we were on board, and ready to start on this Saturday.  Any miles or locks covered would be a bonus, but not essential.

Two trips with the car had loaded "Chalice" with more "stuff" than I think we have ever packed in, including massive amounts of Odin's special dog food, which we would probably find hard to restock while we are away, but which takes up a lot of space we have previously used to store other things.

I  feel sure we have brought too much of something, because every cupboard you open, something springs out!  (Tomorrow we were to discover we had still forgotten something!)

Anyway we didn't wan't to leave a car at the mooring for weeks on end, so whilst the others set off, I returned the car home, cycled to the station, caught a train to the station nearest the boat, and cycled again to rejoin my crew.

We were on our way.

Cooks Wharf to below Seabrook Bottom Lock
Miles: 1.2 (Chalice), 0.0 (Sickle), Locks:3

Total Miles: 1.2, Locks: 3

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