Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Northern Oxford

(Boat Chalice - posted by Alan/Cath)
Retrospective post for Weds 16th July

A nice straightforward day, where we covered quite a lot of miles, but with nothing out of the ordinary to report.

I'm often not a huge fan of the Northern Oxford, despite its obvious attractions, because it can get very congested.  No such problems today, as it was very quiet, and although we had not initially planned to, we ended up doing the whole canal in a day.

We stopped for supplies in Rugby, where Cath shopped whilst I entertained Odin, and again for water at Hawkesbury Junction, on what proved to be a rather slow tap.

Our overnight mooring - convenient for the pub!

Cath & Odin at Hillmorton locks

Alan & Odin at Hillmorton Locks

Bottom of the paired locks at Hillmorton

Hawkesbury Junction (sometimes called "Sutton Stop")

Hawkesbury Junction, having turned onto the Coventry Canal

Braunston to Hawkesbury
Miles: 22.8 (Chalice), 0 (Sickle), Locks:4

Total Miles: 77.6, Locks: 40

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