Monday, 24 August 2015

To Alvecote In Flamingo - Day 1

(Retrospective post for Monday 24th August))

(Boat Flamingo - posted mostly by Cath, completed by Alan)

It rained a fair amount!
We've been working around the clock to finish the bulkhead move, install the Morco water heater, and to reinstate the bath and the Thetford Cassette toilet.  We  will attempt to add some posts later about all the work we have completed, once we are organised with some photos and more time.

Buckby flight
Because we had so much to do we decided that we really wouldn't have time to take Sickle along to Alvecote this year - it moors two days further south than Flamingo, and we didn't have two days, as it was we got home at 11 pm on the day we returned home for essential washing of clothes, shopping, picking our son, David up, etc. before leaving again.

Buckby flight again.
We arrived back at the boat on Sunday evening, and loaded on board. There seemed to be an awful lot of stuff, given that we still have a lot of material for the refit on board. Obvious stuff that could be left in the car was moved, but otherwise we just moved skips around.

Buckby top lock
We set off at about 10:30 on Monday morning, made a brief stop in Weedon for milk and bread, and set off again towards Whilton Locks, which passed without incident, (although subsequently there has been a major gate failure, initially closing the navigation, but currently with CRT allowing limited supervised passage - we wonder what will be the situation when we need to return!).

Posed picture?  Surely not!
At the top Cath quickly prepared a meal which we ate hurriedly before arriving at Braunston tunnel. As Odin has started to get stressed in tunnels Cath walked him over the top, and then we worked down the locks with another boat.  We got to the bottom at about 5:30, and had originally intended to moor up soon, but realised that if we kept going for a while we could meet up with a friend for the evening. We stopped just south of Hillmorton locks, and had a meal and pleasant company in the Old Royal Oak.

Leaving Braunston tunnel

Overnight stop (Photo: David)

Boat "Flamingo"
High House Wharf (Grand Union) to Hillmorton (Oxford Canal)
Miles: 16.9, Locks: 13

Total Miles: 16.9, Locks: 13

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