Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To Alvecote In Flamingo - Day 2

(Exceedingly) retrospective post for Tuesday 25th August

(Boat Flamingo - posted  by Alan)

Well the blog managed to founder far more spectacularly than we have ever achieved before!  Nothing posted afer just the first day of quite a major trip, and indeed there have been further trips since.

Rather than leave a complete void, we will attempt to retrospectively add a few pictures, even if it is now, in general, a bit too late for many words!

Here, only about a month and a half after it happened, is a flavour of our trip to take Flamingo to Alvecote for the first time

EDIT:  Second attempt at this day, after Adam correctly pointed out that my days didn't match my photos!

This was actually a short day due, in part, to a very scary incident we were involved in at Hillmorton Bottom Locks, and about which I am still awaiting a response from CRT.  I have decided not to further discuss details until CRT have finally made their response.

Hillmorton locks

Four "Town class" boats at Hillmorton - passing Fulbourne.

Hillmorton to All Oaks Corner (Near Brinklow)

Miles: 9.0, Locks: 3
Total Miles: 25.9, Locks:16


  1. If that day's journey was Hillmorton to All Oaks, then photos of Hawkesbury Junction are a bit previous...

  2. You are not wrong are you!?!

    We had an issue with one or more camera having a duff date and time in, and I think I have been sorting pictures based on duff information.

    I'll try and sort it out later!


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