Wednesday, 26 August 2015

To Alvecote In Flamingo - Day 3

Retrospective post for Wednesday 26th August

(Boat Flamingo - posted  by Alan)

A fairly leisurely trip up to Alvecote continued, and gave me my first attempt on a full length working boat at the well known 180 degree turn at "Sutton Stop" or Hawkesbury Junction.  (It is easy enough on shorter boats, but with full length ones it gets a bit harder).

My excuse was that my approach to the turn was hampered by a boat coming the other way, so I never started from an ideal position, (well I would say that wouldn't I!).

I didn't get around in one on my first attempt, but it wasn't a bad first try.

Trying to position for the "180" at Hawkesbury, not helped by other boats!
I never managed to get into an ideal starting position......

So had failed to get fully round in one by this point!

All Oaks Corner (Near Brinklow) to Springwood Haven
Miles: 15.6, Locks: 1
Total Miles: 41.5, Locks: 17

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