Sunday, 18 October 2015

A gentle day.

(Boats  Sickle & Flamingo - posted by Alan)

A gentle day today, with an early tie up.  We were well on schedule, and agreed with Brinklow Boats that we would stop a bit over a mile short of their yard, then bring both boats forward to the the following morning.

On the embankment at Rugby, whilst we stop for a supermarket shop.

Ditto, but the other boat.
I had the camera, so most photos are of Cath on "Sickle" - Leaving Rugby.

Newbold Tunnel - a short one.

Retail fuel boat "Auriga"

Clifton Arm Junction to All Oaks Wood
Miles: 11.2, Locks: 0
Total Miles
51.3, Locks:19

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