Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Working Boat Yard For Historic Boats

(Boats  Sickle & Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Very, retrospective post for 19th to 25th October 2015

Brinklow Boat Services just has to be one of the most interesting plaes to visit if you are in to historic boats.  We were privileged to spend a week living on board right in the heart of it for just over a week last October.  You are unlikely to find as many historic boats all together in one place unless you visit one of the organised shows that occur from time to time.

I'll largely let the pictures tell the story.

Enterprise and Greenock

Planet, one of the boats we considered, now with new back cabin

Sickle grounded on the cill to the floating/sinking dock

With Sickle inside the dock is slowly sinking

Because water is pumped in at this end it sinks first

View out from Sickle in dock - a lot of washing down was required once out!

Sinking the dock to get Sickle out - David assisted with bucket on rope!

The tide is coming in around Sickle

Despite moving a lot of ballast Sickle also gets stuck on the way out.

Planet, Flamingo & Aurora (on the side)

Planet, Flamingo & Aurora

Denebola, undergoing steelwork and replanking of wooden bottoms

Not a lot of room - Severn Dolphin to the right of Flamingo

Star & Laurel

The end of the arm with Reginald and Bordesley

Capricorn has recently had 8' of its former length added back using original sides.

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