Friday, 4 May 2018

Bedroom Refresh

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

Eventually, I think, we will probably completely refit the bedroom area on Flamingo.

Mostly new paint and new bedding.d caption
However in the meantime we have been living with the previous owners unfinished efforts.  Where anything was painted at all, it was mostly in primer, and generally in patches, with no overall areas covered.

Also the removal of the failed heating system had created quite a bit of additional damage, and we also found that false backs in cupboards were wasting quite a bit of potential storage space.

Some weeks back I spent some time repairing and improving the cupboards and adding an extra shelf to the main one.

Looking towards bathroom, which we are refitting.
We decided that even if we do eventually do a full rebuild, it may not be for some considerable time, given all the other priority jobs that need doing.  So we decided it was worth painting the current arrangements properly, even though it would take quite a while, and we might spend a fair bit on materials.

We are well advanced with that now, though there are still areas around and below the bed to tackle.

We even decided to buy some new bedding to replace the rather tired old stuff we were using, that had seen much service on the previous boat.

We feel the make over has been worth the effort and cost, particularly when we no longer have to wake up looking at a patchwork of primer and unpainted wood!

For comparison, this is what we bought......

There were no lights fitted - just a few hanging cable ends.

The part painted look.

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