Sunday, 13 May 2018

Finally Travelling Again

(With both boats - posted by Alan)

Setting off
After all the disappointments and lost trips of last year, we are determined to get some boating in, and not just spend all our time working on the boats.

It actually needed multiple car trips from home to the mooring to get all three of us, including David, and the two dogs, along with everything we need for a proper trip.  But by some time approaching 5:00 pm we had both boats started up, and were finally ready to head off.

Arriving at Stoke Bruerne
We actually worked out that due to everything going on last year, this is the first time Sickle has moved since July.  Cath steered her today, and fortunately everything seems OK, despite the long period of no use.

High House Wharf to Stoke Bruerne
Miles per boat: 9.8, Miles both boats: 19.7, Locks:0
Total Trip Miles: 19.7, Locks: 0

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