Thursday, 24 May 2018

Another small hop

(With both boats - posted by Alan)

Sickle passes her twin Tycho, which is currently based in Berkhamsted.
These will be only brief postings with a few photos, as we are now some time after when the boat moves were actually able to take place.

Following working around our son Michael's ankle operation the boats were left at Winkwell for a bit under a couple of days, but as soon as we reasoned we could get away from home for a few hours, it clearly made more sense to move them up to Berkhamsted.

This is one of those stretches of canal where the locks come thick and fast, so although we only travelled less than 3 miles, the brief trip still involved 8 locks.

Fortunately the water situation South of Berkhamsted is massively better than when we attempted the same journey a year previously.  Back then several of the pounds were down by twenty inches or more, making moving deep draughted boats a major struggle.  This year levels were normal, and we were pleased not to bounce over anything!

Winkwell to Berkhamsted
Miles per boat: 2.7, Miles both boats: 5.4, Locks: 8
Total Trip Miles: 156.1, Locks: 99

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