Wednesday, 22 August 2018

A straightforward day, but why the many bikers?

(Now with just Flamingo- posted by Alan)

The locks are shallow, so ot's easy to wait in the mouth as they empty.
Being somewhat ahead of any plan, (if there ever was one!), I think we have now decided that we may well get to Alvecote on the Thursday evening, rather than on Friday, and we have adjusted our days with that in mind.

What a place to live!
The choice today as either a very short day to Alrewas, or to go up a few extra locks snd milrs to Fradley.  The only risk with Fradley is that it is very popular, and finding a mooring for a 72 foot boat is not guaranteed.  We decided to go for it anyway, and were rewarded by finding a suitable mooring one lock down from the junction. 

These tiny bridges at the lower end of a lock are a feature of this canal.
The only downside for this spot is that it is alongside the minor road that leads up to the Swan, and other buildings at the junction.  For some reason we haven't yet fathomed there is a continuous flow of motor bikes in both directions along this road, some of them accelerating to considerable speeds between the speed bumps.  These mostly seem to be "older" bikers, and although they are parking up and congregating near the pub, few of them actually see to be patronising it.  There is nothing else obvious to draw them there, other than each others company.  (No I wasn't brave enough to ask any of them why they are there!)

Same lock. same house, different aspect.
We walked the dogs around the nature reserve around he reservoir.  Odin went swimming, which as I think it is canal water, maybe he should not have done.  We then adjourned for a meal in the Swan.  This has received very nixed reviews in recent years - some seem to love it, others seem to hate it.  Our experience was good, and the prices we reasonable both for food and drink.  Based on tonight's performance, we would go again.

Bigger, but still attractive bridge.

And anyway it leads immediately into another of these.

Passing through the last such bridge, and into the last lock of the day.

Shobnall to Fradley (Trent & Mersey Canal)
Miles 9.7, Locks: 9
Total Miles both boats: 168.6,  Total Locks both boats: 74


  1. Bikers tend to be a friendly lot. You should have asked them what the appeal was. They would have told you.

  2. Wednesday night is bikers meet night at the mucky duck


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