Friday, 17 August 2018

If we can't be docked, let's go boating!

(Now with just Flamingo- posted by Alan)

So three days ago we ended up with both boats unexpectedly at Alvecote Marina, following the failure to pit them in the dry dock at Grendon for blacking, as planned.

Glascote top lock.
We have been back home in the intervening time, but came to the conclusion that as any maintenance or improvement of the boats is rapidly getting squeezed into the last part of the year, ot is likely to mean we do little more boating in 2018, once this trip has ended.

So we have decided with the boats to far from home to realistically work on them. we might as well do a lottle bit of boating while we can.

So having relocated Sickle into the marina moorings at Alvecote, we set off quite late in the day with Flamingo.

1971, 1 think.  Brother Mike steering, my late brother Pete at the parapet wall.
We are moored near the Tame Valley Aqueduct, giving access to a nature reserve excellent for dog walking.  However we did have to fight hard to keep Odin out of the Tame.  Water is a magnet where Odin is involved, bit we were not convinced, strong swimmer though he is, that the Tame was not flowing at a greater speed than he can sustain!

I first boated over the Tame Aqueduct in, I think, 1971, on a hire boat holiday with my mum and my 2 brothers.  Some 47 yeras on it still looks remarkably the same, (though I admit it is now in colour!)

Alvecote Marina to Tame Aqueduct

Miles 3.3, Locks: 2
Total Miles both boats: 106.2,  Total Locks both boats: 45

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