Thursday, 19 May 2016

Furthest South We Have Yet Been With "Flamingo".

(Boat Flamingo - posted by Alan)

South through Apsley, before meeting up with Jan.
Very late again of course, but at least a few photos to record that despite some burgeoning engine troubles we did make it to Rickmansworth with a day in hand.

Jan follows - I had already failed this turn at the first attempt!
Our friend Jan who operates The Art Boat needed to make the same journey as us this day, and would have had to single hand through quite a lot of locks.  However we had arranged to meet up with her, and share locks all the way down to Rickmansworth.

The well known ornamental bridge at Cassiobury
Generally Jan was following behind us, so will have seen the full horror of me totally failing to make the first of the large bends through the very windy stretch near Cassiobury.  In my defense I have done this perfectly OK in a full length ex working boat before, but Flamingo is distinctly lacking in power compared to my previous experiences, and simply wasn't making the tightest turns well whatever I did, (well, that's my excuse, anyway!)

Both boats between the Cassiobury locks

Trying to clear the cill on a gate that refused to close properly

Using the services at Batchworth - the cone is protecting from twisted ankle

Apsley to Batchworth (Rickmansworth)
 Miles: 8.6, Locks:16
Total Trip Miles: 65.6, Locks: 69

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